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Color Maestro Utility
Color Maestro is an color utility application for Mac OS X. This tool helps select, convert, keep and export color sets and color swatches.
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File Mutation Pro Utility
File Mutation Pro is the one stop file utility for Mac OS X. This tool helps gain control of your files. Eliminate hours in the laborious task of processing thousands of files, down to seconds. File Mutation Pro works with hundreds of different file types and mediums. Including archives, photos, movies, audio, documents, graphics and more.
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Movie Whirl Video
Movie Whirl is an video application for Mac OS X. This tool helps fix video shot with cellphones, web cams and point & shoot cameras. Movie Whirl can rotate video, flip video, export still photos from video and convert video to new formats.
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Image Blender Photography
Image Blender is an photography application for Mac OS X. This tool adds finishing touches to your photos to make them snap with professional quality. Add imaging frames, edges , drop shadows and filters to your photos with Image Blender.
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Time Invoice Business
Time Invoice automates many tasks of managing projects from job quotes to billing. It is an full production project manager and billing tool that frees your time to focus on projects ratter than paper work.