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File Mutation Pro 5

Today we are happy to announce that we have finally released the long awaited update for File Mutation Pro Version 5

Rebuilt from the ground up using the newest of technologies and the most modern of user experience. File Mutation Pro 5 Adds over 50 new additions over previous versions. The biggest noticeable is the user interface and blazing speed processing files.

Pasted Graphic 3

Here some highlights of what is new:

• Rebuild from the ground up. Now build on top of OSX Cocoa.
• Improved modern user experience.
• Full document previews.
• iCloud and Sharing Services added.
• Sandbox and Gatekeeper enabled.
• Supports standard and high resolution displays.
• New user interface and faster performance.
• Added full vector graphics converting with scale adjustment.
• Support for even more file types (over 300)
• Added ability to read and convert layered photos to other layered and index formats (PSD, TIFF, XCF)
• Now full web site captures images.
• Updated audio and video layers to modern standards and encodings.

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